Why MedInquirer?

A Central Source of Information

MedInquirer provides organizations with one centralized system for all medical information inquiries, potential adverse events and product complaints from various incoming channels like phone, email, CRM, self-service portal etc.

Fast, Consistent, Accurate Data

MedInquirer helps you bring value to the consumer and healthcare professionals by providing quick and consistent responses for all inquiries. The system is designed to send responses using different channels and in multiple languages to help consumers and healthcare professionals make informed decisions. Consumers and HCPs can also get direct access to approved medical information through our self-service portal module.

Simplified Management of Medical Information Content

MedInquirer has an in-built content management functionality which supports creation, review and approval of medical information content. Modular and component based content management approach enables re-use of data. Global and local content can be created with restrictions of access based on country, region and products. MedInquirer provides pre-built, direct integration with market leading content management system Veeva Vault Medcomms.

Conform to Regulatory Compliance

MedInquirer provides pre-built, direct integration with drug safety (using E2B standards-based ready adapter) and product quality compliant systems. Data collected in MedInquirer can seamlessly be transmitted to the downstream systems. MedInquirer is also compliant with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 guidelines ensuring electronic records and electronic signatures are maintained in the system along with audit trails.

Data Protection and Privacy

Data protection and privacy is one of the keys for building trust in consumers and healthcare professionals. MedInquirer enables global deployment by providing various configurable options such as rules to encrypt or delete data, data retention rules, along with option to exclude data types etc.

Optimize Operations

MedInquirer helps optimize operations by providing real-time insightful reports, metrics extracted from medical information data. MedInquirer analytics module provides many ready to be used standard reports that can help organizations track trends and make sound business decisions. It also gives the option to create reports as per business user requirements using self-service interface.

Configurable Solution

MedInquirer is a highly configurable solution that lets you design the system the way it would suit your business process. Unlike the customizable options available in the market, MedInquirer gives you the control of the system design to ensure seamless product support and reduced overhead cost.

Improvised Quality

MedInquirer enables configurable quality checks, based on your business rules and standards, function throughout the case lifecycle. In-built quality gates enable both Prospective and retrospective quality review with on-demand and scheduling options

What are the key differentiators of MedInquirer against other products?

MedInquirer is a fully-managed medical information management system that provides many advantages over other options available in the market. The system is designed to make medical information management easy and convenient for your team. The table below shows a comprehensive comparison between MedInquirer, legacy system and custom-built CRMs.

Feature/Functionality MedInquirer Purpose built legacy systems Custom built CRM platforms
Out of the box integrations with Argus Safety, Veeva CRM and Veeva Vault
Zero footprint, configurable, call center optimized, true web based platform
Fully managed cloud that includes all future upgrades
Integrated, web based Inbox and email interface
Integrated standard reports and Self-service Ad-hoc reporting interface
Service Level Agreements (SLAs):
  • 99.9% availability
  • RTO of up to 4 hours and RPO of up to 30 minutes
  • 24*7 cloud support
FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and GxP compliance. Validated as per GAMP 5 standards

: Functionality fully available, : Functionality not available, : Functionality partially available, : Functionality available with additional cost

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