TrialMaster Key Features

Easy Data Entry and Clean Data

TrialMaster uses simple interface for end-users to accurately enter the patient data. The system provides real-time validation and dynamic eCFRs for cleaner data right from the start. Better query management gives more time to research associates and data managers to focus on data analysis.

Reduced Setup Time

TrialMaster provides a simple, drag and drop user interface to easily setup study timelines. It offers reusable, standards compliant templates and libraries for all studies. This reduces the time taken to organize the trials.

Faster Study Submission

TrialMaster is compliant with CDISC, CDASH standards and offers uniform datasets for the studies. It features standard tools and processes and allows data exchange with multiple partners. The system aids in low cost and faster creation of SDTM datasets.

Efficient Monitoring of Risk

TrialMaster offers effective risk-based monitoring of clinical trials. It allows users to review key risk indicators and change site monitoring plans even in middle of a study. It has provisions to automatically or manually include or exclude patients from monitoring. It allows for easy review of source documents and integrates well with downstream monitoring tools.

Integration with Existing Systems

TrialMaster supports integration with various existing systems within the organization to support seamless operations. It is designed to integrate with different technologies using file-based and web-service methods.