As a Veeva Technology Partner, Techsol provides value-added professional consulting services to biopharma and medical device companies. We have a team of Veeva Certified Developers and Process Consultants who have extensive experience in completing Veeva systems implementation, application configuration, setting up system integrations, and developing business reports for advanced analytics.

Our Technology Consulting Capabilities

Veeva Systems Integration Services

What We Can Do

  • Establish system integrations between Veeva CRM Contact integration with other applications
  • Exchange customer interaction data from Veeva CRM to downstream applications
  • Facilitate content sharing across the pharma ecosystem from Veeva Vault to external platforms
  • Enable cross-functional integrations between Veeva Clinical Development applications and with external GxP systems

How We Do it

  • Gather business requirements (URS, FRS, DRS, Non-functional, GxP, etc.)
  • Prepare System Integration Design (API-based, file-based or hybrid)
  • Perform Veeva System to Target System Field Mapping with Fit-Gap Analysis
  • Setup Veeva APIs for bi-directional information exchange
  • Configure data exception handling rules with alerts
  • Test and validate the system integration to account for GxP compliance
  • Develop data reconciliation reports and dashboards
GxP Process Management

How We Have Helped Clients

Certified Veeva CRM System Integration

Veeva CRM Contacts Integration in SCIMAX MI (MedInquirer)

To facilitate interactions with HCPs for Medical Information teams, we established a certified CRM integration between Veeva CRM and our flagship product, SciMax MedInquirer (MIQ) for several clients. With an API based integration, all contacts from Veeva CRM are made available real-time in MedInquirer for creating new medical information requests. 

Veeva CRM eMIR Import in SCIMAX MI (MedInquirer)

All electronic Medical Information Requests (eMIR) submitted by HCPs to Field Reps and MSLs are centrally tracked in Veeva CRM. With our Veeva certified integration, all eMIRs are automatically imported into SCIMAX MI (MedInquirer) for written fulfillment.

Certified Veeva Vault System Integration

All medical information content such as standard response letters, PIs, Enclosures, etc. which are developed and managed in Veeva Vault can be made available in real-time within MedInquirer for completing written fulfillment.

The API based integration facilitates the configuration of all document metadata and document search criteria to make it easy for MI Agents in quickly finding relevant content.

Data Management

News & Updates

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