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Safety Case Data Migration

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Leverage our Expertise for Completing Safety Case Data Migration and Qualification

The successful execution of a safety system migration requires a meticulous strategic approach with the right use of tools and techniques to ensure data integrity, quality, security and regulatory compliance. With a decade of practical experience in both safety systems and case data migration,  Techsol’s Drug Safety domain experts have engineered a lean, practical and risk-based data migration framework to fulfill our clients business goals.

We have successfully delivered over 100 safety case data and content migrations, across 30+ customers using 10+ platforms since 2010.  Based on the source system, we can consolidate, harmonize and migrate case data to the newly established qualified safety database.

Type of Safety Data Migration Projects We have Delivered

  • Case Data migration due to an acquisition
  • Safety System Cloud migration (On-premise to cloud and Cloud-to-Cloud)
  • Migration of Case Data between two different Enterprise Safety Systems
  • Bring safety data from a service provider to in-house system
  • Migrate from a local safety system and/or spreadsheets and/or file folder and/or content/ vault system in to a fully compliant, global and modern safety database
Accel Safety Image

How AccelMigrate Has Helped Clients

Based on our extensive technology and drug safety domain experience, our team developed “AccelMigrate”, a turnkey migration methodology to qualify the entire data and content migration and migration testing process. To address key business risks and unforeseen challenges, our data migration qualification methodology and deliverables are tailored to ascertain data integrity and regulatory compliance. The technical process involves a standard ETL procedure that has multiple quality gateways with data validation and data integrity checks.

The AccelMigrate methodology encompasses a 5 Stage process covering the end-to-end execution of data migration and qualification. Each stage has a specific set of pre-defined and agreed deliverables that are critical to a successful migration.The high-level description of the overall data migration process is depicted in the below illustration.

Techsol Argus Migration

Our AccelMigrate methodology has been tried and tested multiple times for different types of migration needs and on various source and target systems. Our AccelMigrate offers out-of-the-box and pre- validated solutions for a wide variety of other source systems, applications and technologies.

  • Oracle Argus Safety Suite
  • Aris Global LSMV
  • Oracle AERS
  • Ennov Safety
  • ABCube
  • PVWorks
  • PV24x7
  • PVNet
  • Clintrace/ Empirica Trace
  • Spreadsheets
  • XML files
  • SharePoint
  • Custom software
  • Oracle Content Management
  • SFDC
  • Veeva Vault

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