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Clinical Development Reports and Analytics

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Derive Maximum Value from Clinical Development Data with Advanced Analytics and Insights Generation

Using the principles of Data Science, we can help pharma companies to discover powerful information from the raw data captured during the conduct of clinical trials. Our technical and functional domain experts have a broad range of experience in fulfilling a wide variety of clinical reporting requirements from different types of clients for various business needs across therapeutic areas.

What Can we Offer

Based on your business requirements, our team can develop a wide-range of reports and dashboards for:

  • Grouping, Ranking and Strategic Decision Making
  • Summarizing Operations and Performance KPIs
  • Understanding Process Productivity and Outcomes
  • Identifying Quality, Risk and Compliance Risks
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Gain Insights on Clinical Data and Trial Outcomes

Business Reports 

  • Clinical Study Data Listings
  • Lab Data Reports
  • Study Database Build
  • CRF Review
  • Sites and Subjects Data Listings


  • Clinical Trial Progress
  • Global Subject Recruitment
  • Trial Monitoring Outcomes Tracking
  • Sites and Investigators Quality and Compliance
  • Study Budgets and Expenditures
  • Study Database Build Status
  • Study Data Query and Resolution Status

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