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Monitor AE’s or PC’s reporting via Social Media Platforms

According to GVP Module VI, all the market authorization holders should regularly monitor the social media platforms and report the potential adverse events generated from different forums.

Our technology platform enables you to capture the relevant data from the uncontrolled and non-regulated platforms of the social media, digitalize and automate the process in compliance with the regulatory requirements.

Sentinel Social Media Monitoring

PV Sentinel’s Social Media Monitoring module enables a pharma company to automate the capture of Adverse events and Product complaints reported via social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Medschat with its inbuilt API.

It allows user to capture detailed information about the post and the associated followup information with prebuilt workflows. Prebuilt integration with safety system helps you completely streamline the intake process. Inbuilt KPI based dashboards offer a better insight and compliance on the complete process.

Key Product Features

PV Literature Screening
  • Captures the posts and comments from different official and non-official pages of social media platforms.
  • Captures Adverse Events or Product complaints and transmits the valid AE or PC to the integrated systems.
  • Coherent integration with the safety database (Oracle Argus or ArisG) or Product Quality Complaint Systems for further process.
  • Digitalize the existing spreadsheets with quality and compliance driven system
  • System generated alerts and notifications to meet the timelines for transmitting and processing the records
  • Product specific view of the trending platform for reporting AE’s or PC’s which helps MAH to focus more on monitoring the platform.

How Do we Deliver

Sentinel Social Media Monitoring is a component of our Sentinel platform. It can be deployed on its own or in combination with other modules of the platform.

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