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Achieve Absolutely Efficient Safety Case Management by Integrating with Leading Safety Systems

Business Need

Case assignment in safety systems is basically a manual job making it very tedious for the workflow manager to assign cases to individuals. This challenge of case assignment is particularly accentuated in a scenario of globally dispersed teams. Based on the case count and team availability, the workflow manager has to perform a periodic reconciliation of cases’ statuses and then start the process of assigning and re-assigning the cases to ensure their speedy processing.

Managers are finding it extremely difficult to obtain an overview of their team’s productivity and efficiency as there is a lack of insights to help them make their decisions. There is an absence of informative dashboards in the safety systems which are in use.

Gaining an overview of the team performance becomes even more complicated when Pharma companies have more than one MAH configured as different tenants in a single safety system or in multiple ones and when a Service Provider is processing cases for multiple Pharma companies on multiple safety databases.


Sentinel ICSR Operations provides digitalization and automation of case assignment along with insights on the case and user progress. Cases can be auto assigned to users thereby reducing the manual work of a workflow manager. Based on the insights displayed, the workflow manager can re-assign the cases if need be.
Managers are provided with complete insights of the case processing business workflow. They are given information on different insights such as case details, user details and the details of the time taken to process the case. This information helps them assess their team’s productivity and efficiency. The insights are provided across the various safety systems available in the organization.

ICSR Operations allows the manager to track team performance and efficiency across multiple safety systems. The module integrates and displays all the different insights in a single dashboard.


  • Automated Case Assignment
  • Intelligent Insights on User Workload
  • Increased Efficiency in Case Processing
  • Noticeable Cost Reduction in Processing
  • Enhanced Productivity Levels of Processing Teams


  • Seamless Integration with any safety system
  • 40+ Dashboards available
  • Auto assignment of cases based on various variables such as Sites, Workflow Groups etc.
  • Integration with ICSR Quality Review

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