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Introducing SciMax Global Technology Solutions for Transforming Scientific and Medical Affairs

In August 2020, Techsol joined forces with EndPoint Technologies to form a new subsidiary company called SciMax Global which exclusively focuses on providing a unified, next-generation technology platform to manage different types of scientific and medical affairs programs.

Techsol’s  Medical Information solution “MedInquirer” is now offered as SCIMAX MI. The MedInquirer Self-Service Portal and the Mobile App are now part of the core SciMax Medical Affairs Platform.

SciMax Global

What is offered with the SCIMAX Platform

Core Modules

The SciMax Medical Affairs Technology Platform currently has the following modules.

  • SCIMAX MI (Formerly known as MedInquirer)
  • SCIMAX Portal (Formerly known as MedInquirer Self-Service Portal)
  • SCIMAX Mobile (Formerly known as MedInquirer-On-Mobile)
  • SCIMAX Pubs
  • SCIMAX Grants
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