Data Powered Decision Making

In today’s information age, the explosion data in the pharma and healthcare industry has given an unprecedented opportunity to use data in a much more strategic role to successfully launch medicinal products and deliver maximum care value.

Gaining target population visibility, defining the ideal path for market access and continuous monitoring of patient health outcomes with real-world evidence by leveraging the power of advanced data analytics will empower sponsors to gain the competitive advantage for discovering new medicines and delivering patient-centric care.

PRISM is a powerful data analytics platform designed for Pharma Companies to generate valuable insights on their Customers, Products and Contact Center Operations from disparate Medical Information and Medical Affairs data sources to take intelligent scientific and business decisions

Key Solution Benefits

Medical Information Reporting
  • Discover your potential customer base across the geographic locations, specialty, occupation, etc. and understand their medical information needs based on incoming MI requests across various channels for better HCP engagement and patient support
  • PRISM can provide valuable insights on the most commonly asked medical information requests for various topics such as Safety, Efficacy, Dosing and Administration, Adverse Events, Drug Storage, Indications, Clinical Studies, Publications, Off-label uses, etc.
  • Learn more about medical inquiries which were submitted to internal stakeholders such as Medical Science Liaisons (MSL), Medical Sales, Commercial Reps and Market Access Teams
  • Explore opportunities to meet legal and regulatory expectations for processing solicited and unsolicited queries from Health Care Professionals (HCPs) and Consumers
usage of Medical Inquiries
  • Define and track medical information content development and quality review time at a global level based on the Document Type, Sub Type and Classification
  • Leverage interactive dashboards to know content usage metrics for different types of customer inquiries and strategize on new content development and build scientific knowledge
  • Identify knowledge gaps in existing FAQs, Standard Response Documents, Enclosures, etc. and discover opportunities to tailor new medical information content based on HCP and Patients requests
Medical Information Reporting
  • Define and track various Contact Center KPIs such as Inbound and Outbound Calls, Abandonment Rate, Calling Customer Satisfaction, Hold Times, Turnaround / Overdue Time, etc. to evaluate performance
  • Plan & manage call-center operations using medical inquiry call volume forecasting algorithms
  • Medical Information Contact Centers can track and report adherence to Quality and Service Level Agreements
  • Compile call metrics and have KPIs provide inputs on strategic direction for quality improvement initiatives
  • Identify occurrence patterns of quality issues and knowledge gaps amongst agents as part of quality reporting and review outcomes
Medical Information Reporting
  • Analyze patterns of incoming Medical Inquiries, reported Adverse Events and Product Complaints from HCPs and Patients to gain more understanding of the medical products safety and efficacy profile
  • Track medical product performance against competitors and identify customer sentiment by searching for potential keywords that act as signals or indicators using advanced text analytics
  • Leverage past medical information insights for a given therapeutic area to proactively prepare for a new product launch by identifying reusable medical information content and tailoring new patient support programs
  • Prior to new product launch, determine call center budgets, FTE resource costs and operational expenses for medical information processing using historical data

Following are the key feature functionalities available within PRISM for advanced reporting and data analytics:

  • Flexible options to fetch Source Data from disparate Sources
  • Data Preparation & Data Standardization Capabilities
  • Data Validation and Exception Rules
  • Set Data Mapping and Transformation Rules
  • Option to set Report Run-time Frequency and Schedule
  • Security Components at Data Level, User Level & Role Level
  • Scalable System Performance
  • Creation of custom fields & KPIs using formulae, functions and multi-conditional filters
  • Export reports in multiple formats (PDF, Excel, CSV)

Are you seeking to establish medical information data analytics practice and gain valuable insights on your customers and products? Or

Do you want to extend PRISM’s capabilities to your existing medical information system or CRM database? Or

Is your company planning to replace your legacy medical information reporting tool?

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