PRISM | Data Powered Decision Making platform

Data Powered Decision Making

In today’s information age, the explosion data in the pharma and healthcare industry has given an unprecedented opportunity to use data in a much more strategic role to successfully launch medicinal products and deliver maximum care value.

Gaining target population visibility, defining the ideal path for market access and continuous monitoring patient health outcomes with real-world evidence by leveraging the power of advanced data analytics will empower sponsors to gain the competitive advantage for discovering new medicines and delivering patient-centric care.

PRISM is a powerful data engineering and analytics platform which can discover and provide valuable insights from disparate data sources to take informed and intelligent decisions across the Medical Communications and Medical Affairs functions.

Following are the key feature functionalities available within PRISM for advanced reporting and data analytics:

  • Flexible options to fetch Source Data from disparate Sources
  • Data Preparation & Data Standardization Capabilities
  • Data Validation and Exception Rules
  • Set Data Mapping and Transformation Rules
  • Option to set Report Run-time Frequency and Schedule
  • Security Components at Data Level, User Level & Role Level
  • Scalable System Performance
  • Creation of custom fields & KPIs using formulae, functions and multi-conditional filters
  • Export reports in multiple formats (PDF, Excel, CSV)

Business Value For Sponsors

  • Sponsors can leverage PRISM’s capabilities to derive actionable insights from MEDRION, MedInquirer and other internal data sources.
  • With advanced data analytics, pharma companies can leverage past insights to proactively prepare for a new product launch.
  • Gaining a broad understanding of content usage and types of customer inquiries will help internal teams to strategize on new content development and build scientific knowledge.
  • Discover patterns of product performance can provide inputs to commercial team members on the business side.
  • With the understanding of customer sentiment, brand value can be optimized by offering patient-centric medical communication services.
PRISM | Business Value For Sponsors
PRISM | Advantages For Contact Centers

Advantages For Contact Centers

With continuous operational insights, call centers will be able to understand the typical challenges faced in the past and its impact on quality.

These insights will indicate opportunities for improvement. Contact centers will be able to plan better for management of business processes and resources. Compilation of call metrics and KPIs will provide direction on quality improvement initiatives.

With PRISM, Contact centers will be able to:

  • Plan & manage call-center operations
  • Track and report adherence to Service Level Agreements
  • Identify occurrence patterns of quality issues and knowledge gaps amongst agents
  • Perform quality reporting and review outcomes