The Evolving Role of Medical Affairs

The pharma industry’s R&D productivity is challenged with a risk-averse regulatory environment. Hence, identifying and optimizing the medical value across the product lifecycle through outcomes research, evidence generation and continuous medical education is crucial for increasing the new drug pipeline.

The multi-facted Medical Affairs function is rapidly adopting themes such as patient-centricity, real-world evidence and outcomes based decision making to add more value to patients and to the entire medical community.

With the advances in technology and proliferation of real-world data, establishing a holistic Medical Affairs collaborative platform for all stakeholders and deriving maximum value of the aggregated data will standout as a key differentiator for sponsors.

MEDRION is an outcomes-driven medical affairs collaboration platform for managing evidence, communications, scientific knowledge and community interactions during pharmaceutical product development, launch and post-launch phases to enable patient-centric care

Our solution has comprehensive modules to optimize business functions across the Medical Affairs spectrum

MEDRION | Modules to optimize business functions across the Medical Affairs spectrum.
MEDRION | Investigator Studies (IITs/ISTs)

Want to gain control on evidence generation studies?

  • Manage compliant, local and global Investigator Initiated Studies.
  • End-to-end IITs evaluation and management processes.
  • Submission and assessment of study requests through the conduct.
  • Tracking of both internal and external studies.
Techsol | Medrion | Grants and Education Management

Take advantage of configurable system to address individual program needs

  • Centralizes, enriches and enables collaborative management of all types of grants and CME programs.
  • Provides flexible workflow to effectively manage the complete life cycle of the program receipt, assessment, approval, design, conduct, payment tracking and closure.
PVSentinel | Vendor Compliance Oversight

Conduct EAP while addressing rapidly evolving legislative environment

  • Full support for various managed access programs such as early access, compassionate use, named patient, expanded access, temporary authorization.
  • Enables compliance with FDA and corresponding international guidelines, while supporting your SOPs, policies and evidence program procedures.
MEDRION | Medical Information/ Communication

Flexible and comprehensive MI solution to address your complete communication needs

MedInqirer, a medical information management module of Medrion will support your global communication program to collect, manage and respond to large volumes of medical inquiries (MIs), product complaints (PCs) and report potential adverse events (AEs) for all types of therapeutic areas including specialty products.

Techsolcopr | PVSentinel | Program Management

Want to adopt a 100% digital scientific publication methodology?

  • Digital publication planning, authoring, sharing, and approvals.
  • Facilitates collaboration between all stakeholders, while providing full transparency into your process.
  • Alerts & notifications engine enable reviewers and approvers to perform action on a centralized portal conveniently.
PV Quality & Compliance Risk Management

Facing difficulty to increase transparency & mitigate compliance risks?

  • Enable operational excellence and collaboration between stake holders of Medical affairs
  • Purpose built functionality & workflows to manage business needs, engage internal teams and partners, help solve problems and improve performance.
PVSentinel | Digital SDEA Management

Tired of searching and retrieving selective information from multiple systems?

  • Effortlessly connect and integrate internal and external systems.
  • Provides ready connectors for various cross-functional systems such as CRM, ERP, Publication Portals, Quality systems, Drug Safety applications, learning management systems etc.
  • Allows selective information processed and readily available for decision making.
PVSentinel | PV Audits & Inspections

Define. Measure. Evaluate. Transform

  • Develop powerful operational intelligence and monitor trends of key performance indicators (KPIs), Key Risk Indicators (KRIs), Key Transparency Indicators (KTIs) and Key Compliance Indicators (KCIs).
  • Proactively identify non-compliance trends across Programs and medical affairs processes to increase transparency and compliance.

Leverage a powerful platform for collecting Outcomes & Evidence data.

Transform your Medical Affairs function for a successful product launch.

Empower Stakeholder relationships with unified communication.

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