Overview of MedInquirer

‘MedInquirer’ is a cloud based, highly configurable, next generation end-to-end Medical Information Management System developed by Techsol as part of its ‘Medical Affairs’ high-tech innovation program. Built with modern technology and intuitive data entry interface, MedInquirer can fully support your global medical information management process to collect, manage and respond to large volumes of medical inquiries (MIs), product complaints (PCs) and report potential adverse events (AEs) for all types of therapeutic areas including specialty products.

What are the unique feature functionalities available within MedInquirer?

Omni-Channel Case Intake

AE  + PC  + MI

  • Allows automated intake of medical inquiries from CRM systems, telephony, web forms, mobile app and eMIRFs
  • Intuitive user interface with auto-suggestions and master data management features to support faster data entry for call-center agents

Rapid Response Fulfillment

  • Template driven omni-channel sharing of response packages
  • In-built case level response tracker with audit trail
  • Intuitive and flexible SRL and cover letter configurations
  • Allows drafting of custom response package
  • MIQ Mobile App for instant Inquiry Management by Sales Reps and Territory Managers

MIQ Inbox & Case Correspondence

  • Emails sent and received directly within MedInquirer
  • Unifies medical communication exchange between Global MI User Groups and customers
  • Emails can be directly attached to cases or used for new case creation straight from the MIQ Inbox
  • Eliminates use of Outlook and other email systems

Automated Case Transmissions

  • Permits both manual & automated transmissions of MIs, AEs and PCs to downstream systems in multiple output formats for safety data processing (PDF Report, Email, E2B XML)
  • Allows sending and receiving of AE and PC case acknowledgments post transmission
  • Flexible options to create multiple versions of AE and PC cases and transmit with source data attachments
Medinquirer Techsol

Workflow Driven Case Management

  • Has a robust case search query engine for speedy information retrieval
  • Allows configuration of process driven workflows for case routing to different user groups
  • Has configuration options to display, redact, encrypt and decrypt case reporter information
  • Facilitates case management quality reviews with a sensitive audit trail

Process Reports and Data Analytics

  • Includes 30+ reports for tracking Case Processing Metrics and Product Trend Analysis based on incoming Medical Inquiries
  • Gain real-time call center operational insights
  • Allows scheduling of periodic reports & data listings
  • Allows users to create ad-hoc reports, graphs, charts, cross-tabs and KPI dashboards

Elastic Field Template Configurations

  • Easily manage Case and Content Management field configurations, email templates, response templates etc.
  • Has flexible multi-site User Group Management
  • Define country specific Data Privacy & Data Protection Rules to comply with regulations
  • Easily configure and schedule system generated email alerts for critical case processing events

Integrated Content Management

  • Perform Scientific Content Authoring, Review and Approval within MedInquirer
  • Allows flexible Product & Case Reporter specific FAQs, SRLs, Cover Letters and source attachments for faster verbal & written response
  • MedInquirer merge field functionality drives content definition and creation of comprehensive MI/AE/PC case reports

How is the MedInquirer solution delivered?

Techsol’s MedInquirer solution is delivered on a fully-managed multi-tenant, GxP compliant cloud platform. Having understood the complexities of business transformation, we engage with clients as a long-term technology partner to support them achieving process excellence.

Our Solution Implementation & Rollout Strategy includes:

  • Has a well-planned phased approach for regional & global rollouts
  • Continuous consulting guidance from SMEs
  • MedInquirer cloud is made UAT ready after each version release
  • IQ/OQ is always managed by Techsol to reduce validation effort
  • The solution is certified for regulatory compliance (21 CFR Part 11, EU Annex 11)
  • GAMP5 Risk-based Validation for patches and future releases
  • 24×7 MedInquirer Cloud Services Support (Requests, Incidents, Change)
  • Preventive Maintenance & Cloud Monitoring
  • Release deployment orchestration
  • RTO of 4 hours and RPO of 30 mins
  • Synchronous Data Replication
  • Continuous platform scaleup with new features and new versions
  • New release features enablement
  • Business user training
  • Product Enhancements