MedInquirer-on-Mobile is an intuitive mobile app designed for Company Representatives, MI Booth Agents and MSL teams to instantly capture and respond to medical information requests, adverse event or product complaints from HCPs and Consumers whether on the field or at a Congress or Symposia.

With it’s simple and easy to use features, Sponsors can empower their field teams to search and access selective medical information content for quick verbal response fulfillment.

Key App Features & Benefits

Allows seamless MI / AE / PC capture

  • Has access to HCP contacts/accounts with a built-in CRM integration
  • Users can optionally capture Adverse Events & Product Complaints
  • Highly configurable request capture form
  • Has data points to include Images, Scanned Documents and Voice Recording
Medinquirer on Mobile | MI / AE / PC capture
Techsolcorp | Medinquirer on Mobile | Instant access to approved Medical Information content

Provides instant access to approved Medical Information content

  • Allows quick verbal fulfillment
  • Optionally allows written fulfillment via email using pre-defined templates
  • Easily accessible on Smart Phones, iPads and Tablets

Tightly integrated with the MedInquirer application workflow

  • Streamlined and secured bi-directional communication with fully integrated security and traceability
  • Pre-defined standard reports & dashboards available in MedInquirer to track incoming request volumes and trends from the Mobile App
Medinquirer On Mobile | Case Logs
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