Business Background

Establishing a streamlined Global Medical Communications process requires a close-knit collaboration and communication between various functional groups. Pharma companies and their medical information call-center partners face a multitude of challenges with disconnected systems and manual processes which results in end-customer (HCP and patients) dissatisfaction, quality gaps and compliance shortfalls.

MedInquirer is designed to support various types of system integrations to eliminate manual effort and facilitate stakeholder collaboration across different medical information business functions by increasing quality, compliance and productivity. We have the technology expertise to establish a wide range of bi-directional integrations using APIs, file-based data transactions and advanced field logic automation.

MedInquirer Supported System Integrations

As a highly configurable cloud solution, MedInquirer can easily be tailored to facilitate your medical communications business process from local to regional and global level. Our purpose-built innovative features can automate and optimize several medical information business functions.

Medical Information
  • MSLs and Commercial Sales Reps can submit Medical Inquiries from HCPs using the integrated MedInquirer Mobile App which automatically creates a case in MedInquirer
  • HCPs, Non-HCPs and Patients can also directly submit Medical Information Requests to the Pharma company using the MedInquirer Self-Service Portal or on the company’s MI webform. The submitted requests can be automatically created as a case in the integrated MedInquirer system for further processing and response fulfillment
Veeva CRM
  • Existing Customer Contacts from CRM systems like (Veeva CRM, Salesforce, Siebel, etc) can be made available in MedInquirer through standard API integration
  • Similarly, electronic Medical Information Requests (eMIRs) submitted from CRM systems can be automatically imported as a new case in MedInquirer through a bi-directional integration channel
workflow apps
  • All customer emails sent and received as part of medical communications can be made available directly in the MedInquirer Inbox
  • With the email integration, all medical inquiry written responses and cross-functional team communications can be sent directly from MedInquirer
Veeva Vault MedComms
  • The scientific medical information content, package inserts, enclosures, posters, standard response documents, etc. created and managed within the Pharma company’s Veeva Vault system can be readily made available in MedInquirer for medical inquiry response fulfillment
  • MedInquirer’s capability to fetch documents in real-time saves a lot of time spend on manual content provisioning and upload of documents for different medical products
Argus Safety Database
  • Adverse Events reported by HCPs and Consumers can be easily processed in MedInquirer and transmitted electronically to E2B compliant Drug Safety Systems like Oracle Argus Safety
  • With a bi-directional integration, the Medical Information team can automatically get acknowledgement receipts from Oracle Argus to MedInquirer
Medical Information QMS
  • Customer Product Complaints processed in MedInquirer can be transmitted as XML files which can be later processed directly into PQC systems or Quality Management Systems (QMS) for further analysis and action
  • The PC case transmission lifecycle can be configured with conditional rules in MedInquirer with automatic system alerts and acknowledgement receipt
Bid Data for Medical Information
  • Data from MedInquirer can be exported directly to the external Pharma company’s reporting applications and business intelligence platforms like Tableau, Cognos, Oracle OBIEE, etc. by using validated data connectors
  • MedInquirer has built-in data views which can be readily made available to report all case data and associated information in real-time to external platforms

Is your company preparing for a new product launch?

Are you setting up a new medical information call center?

Or are you planning to replace your legacy Medical Information System?

With the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, we provide MedInquirer as a full-managed GxP Compliant cloud solution with value-added technology services.

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