Integrated Cloud – Med Info and Drug Safety

Integrated Cloud Platform for Medical Information, Safety Post Marketing Surveillance and Quality Compliant Management

Techsol offers an integrated platform for managing Medical Information, Drug Safety, e-Submission Safety Signal and Product Quality Compliant processes. The integrated platform hosts best of the breed applications, provides industry best practices for workflow, configurations and delivers actionable insights, boosts efficiency, ensures compliance, and lowers total cost of ownership.

Integrated platform consists of following solutions

Medical Information Management: MedInquirer, a modern medical information management system that facilitates inquiry capture (voice and non-voice via multi-channels), response, content authoring/ hosting/ consumption, and transmissions.

Drug Safety and e-Submissions: Oracle Argus Safety suite along with
e-Submission Gateway to facilitate AE/SAE capture, review, medical assessment, reporting and submission.

Safety Signal Management: Oracle Empirica Signal Suite to facilitate safety signal identification, analysis and management.

Product Quality Compliant Management: Enterprise Quality Compliant Management system to facilitate product quality Compliant, analysis, assessment and CAPA.

Integrated Safety and Medical Information System

The platform helps companies reduce the total cost of ownership by minimizing the investment in IT infrastructure and support staff and helping them maintain the highest level of compliance throughout the commercialization and post marketing surveillance phases of the drugs and devices.