HCP Portal

Techsol’s HCP Portal enables pharmaceutical company’s mission to empower the healthcare community to make informed decisions about their medicines, enabling better outcomes for patients.

Salient features of the portal:

Visitor qualification – HCP or Consumer, Country etc.

Search for Product Prescribing Information.

Submit Medical Inquiry.

Real time chat with medical information specialists.

API to integrate with content repository such as Veeva Vault , MedInquirer CM etc.

API to create Inquiry directly in Medical Information system such as MedInquirer or any other system that you use.

Self-service portal solution comes with a customized look and feel of the website, domain and hosting options. Self-service portal is delivered to you on an SLA based cloud delivery model with:

  • 99.9% availability
  • 24/7 Service Desk

MiQ Self-service portal is delivered as a fully-managed platform with all future upgrades included. MiQ Self-service portal is fully validated as per the GAMP 5 recommendations. The unique validation approach eliminates redundant steps resulting in up to 80% reduction in effort and superior compliance.