Executive Leadership

Vice President, Head of North America Business Development

Jay is responsible for the strategic business development of e-Clinical Products for the Biopharmaceutical Industry. He has over 30 years’ experience in facilitating the definition and support of pre-clinical and clinical data capture systems for research pharmacologists, helping to develop, train, install, sell and support electronic direct data acquisition and analysis systems for cardiovascular, cardiopulmonary and invitro pharmaceutical researchers at most major global pharmaceutical companies, assisting in the development and sale of automated clinical phase I systems including ClinLog™, Alphadas® and TrialOne®, the strategic development and sales of EDC Systems by DataTrak®, DataLabs®, and OmniComm® and the strategic development of eSource data capture systems for ePRO/eCOA by assisTek®, NESS and IVR Clinical Concepts® including IVR/IWR systems for randomization and trial supply management (RTSM).