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Health Data Protection Challenges: Where are we Now?

Data Protection Challenges - Webinar   Webinar Overview: Since the implementation of GDPR by the European Union May 25, 2018, health care, pharma, and life science organizations impacted by the [...]

5 Signs You Need to Re-Evaluate Your Clinical Trial Management and Simple Steps to Improve Efficiency

Webinar On Clinical Trial Management   As clinical trials grow in complexity, managing trial operations becomes increasingly more burdensome on resources and more susceptible to risk and decreased efficiency. Evaluating [...]

Recent Technological Advancements in Medical Communication

Medical Communication Webinar We welcome you to meet us at Booth #1 to know about our Pharmacovigilance solutions and Argus Safety cloud hosting services. Take a personalized product tour of [...]

Global Medical Information System: Characteristics & Implementation Approach

Global Medical Information System Implementation Approach   Techsol, a global leader in life sciences, will present a webinar that will examine key characteristics of a global medical information management system [...]

Techsol Argus Safety Cloud and E2B (R3) Upgrade Accelerator for Emerging Biopharma Companies

Argus Safety Cloud and E2B (R3) Upgrade Accelerator November 29, 2017   During this webinar, the speakers will describe and demonstrate how emerging life science companies can take advantage of [...]

Strategies and Technology to Provide a Superior Medical Information Service Integrated with Safety and Quality

Are you planning to implement medical information process for a new product launch or streamline the existing process in Asia? Handling adverse events and product complaints are associated with robust [...]