Case Studies


Argus Safety Cloud Implementation and Validation on Oracle Cloud for KAEL-GemVax

A few products developed by GemVax were ready for marketing, but the organization did not have any safety system in place. They needed validated safety system to be implemented, in time, for marketing.


Argus Safety Cloud Implementation and Validation on Oracle Cloud for HUGEL Pharma

Hugel Pharma, a global biotechnology firm, had a few approved products that were ready for marketing. The organization, however, did not have a safety system in place. They were looking for a partner that could deliver a safety system in a timely manner.


Implementation and Validation of Phase 1 Clinic Automation System for Axis Clinicals

Axis Clinicals, one of the largest full-service clinical/biopharmaceutical development provider, wanted to implement ClinSpark phase I automation system, to enhance its regulatory compliance. The system being GxP required a formal validation of implementation and configuration.


Establishing Global Medical Information System

A global large pharmaceutical company with presence in multiple countries, our client had 3000 products across 125 countries that require a medical response in 20 different languages.


Best cost safety operations with 100% compliance

Our client, a global generic pharmaceutical company with market alliance and presence in multiple countries had built their safety system on AERS legacy system in collaboration with multiple vendors. The construct of the global safety system had been done on the ‘need of the day’ basis and was maintained by a large pool of vendors.


Enhancing Performance and Increasing Quality in Clinical Trials

Our client, a midsize specialized biopharmaceutical company is a global leader in their chosen area of therapeutics. As a fast-growing pharmaceutical company, our client had a number of molecules in clinical trials and sustaining the growth depended significantly on the efficient conduct of the trials by the CROs.


Lab Integration Program for a Global Pharmaceutical Organization

A Global pharmaceutical organization, trying to streamline the process to reduce the transcriptional errors through paperless lab


Migration of Data to Argus and setting up of global electronic exchange

Our client, a global large generic pharmaceutical company safety database was built progressively over a period of time and increasing load of safety cases and global reporting requirements had an adverse impact on the efficient functioning of the database.