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Food and Nutraceuticals

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Clinical Development of Foods & Nutraceuticals

Food and Nutraceuticals are an evolving market and companies have the primary challenge of generating relevant scientific evidence to prove the safety and efficacy of different natural products that have potential health benefits for disease treatment and disease prevention. We have at Techsol have helped key players in this segment to determine the right dose, study drug interaction, nutraceutical-drug interaction, and their effects on individuals under certain health conditions.

Common challenges with Nutraceutical Clinical trials

  • Larger sample sizes
  • Very difficult to pick an end-point
  • Often a need to do a pilot study to gain insight into desired end results
  • Harder to recruit for and have higher drop-out rates than pharmaceutical trials

How We Help Companies

Techsol has highly experienced functional teams to conduct nutraceutical trials, right from the study design to commercialization. With our expert team we provide the following services:

  • Study Protocol design
  • Sample Size Calculation
  • Study Database / electronic case report form (eCRF) Design
  • Identification of Primary and secondary data points that are ideal for statistical calculations
  • End-to-end Clinical Trial Management
  • Subject Recruitment and Retention strategies
  • Study Data Management
  • Clinical Data Statistical Analysis
  • Preparation and Submission of Final Clinical Study Reports
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