Industry Partners

The finest solutions to technical challenges come when the best of the technologies come together. Believing firmly in this philosophy, we partner with market leading technology solution providers, cloud vendors and consulting services organizations to offer best in class solutions and services to our customers in the life sciences industry.

Here is the list of selected technology, infrastructure and data privacy, and protection partners we are associated with


Tecshol Business Partners - Oracle

Techsol is a Gold Partner and a specialized Argus Safety Partner of Oracle Corporation’s Partner Network.

Tecshol Business Partners Veeva

Techsol is a Technology Partner of Veeva Systems giving ready, out-of-the-box integration adapters for Veeva Vault Medcomm and Veeva CRM with its flagship product, MedInquirer.

Tecshol Business Partners OmniComm

Techsol is a leading partner of Omnicomm, an innovative product company in the clinical development area.

Tecshol Business Partners Dbvisit

Techsol is a member of DBVisit partner community and utilizes DBVisit’s replication tools.

TecShol Business Partners - Logi Analytics

Techsol is a certified partner of Logi and utilizes Logi’s market leading analytics platform for standard reports, self-service analytics and insights.


Tecshol Business Partners Amazon Web Services

Techsol is a member of Amazon Web Services and has invested in building regulatory compliant, dedicated, fully managed, scalable infrastructure for Life Sciences industry

Techsol Business Partners - Ctrls

Techsol leverages CtrlS Tier IV data centers for colocation across Asia to provide compliant, dedicated, fully managed, scalable infrastructure for Life Sciences industry.


Tecshol Business Partners - VeraSafe

Techsol is working towards assessing and achieving Privacy Shield certification with the help of Verasafe, a compliance driven consulting company.