What We Do

Techsol Corporation specializes in offering value-focused clinical development functional services and innovative GxP technology solutions to global pharmaceutical, life sciences, and healthcare companies. Founded in 2010, we are a market leader in providing scientific solutions by using highly configurable process-oriented software applications and automation enabled data services to digitally transform pharmaceutical business operations across the entire pharma value chain.

Techsol Corporation Scientific Solutions Company

Techsol – A Tech-Enabled Scientific Process Organization (TSPO)

As a trusted technology solutions provider, we work relentlessly with our clients to understand their business challenges and resolve them with lean and risk-based congruent solutions to scale-up quality, speed, operational efficiency and regulatory compliance across the pharmaceutical drug development lifecycle. In our mission to make a meaningful impact on patient’s lives, we team up with biotech, pharma and healthcare providers to optimize science with technology and revolutionize how new medical treatments are discovered, developed and delivered to people around the world.

Years of Pharma Industry Customer Success Experience
Clients Work With Us from 15 Countries to Leverage our Scientific Solutions
Global Projects Delivered Successfully with a 200+ Team of SMEs

Executive Leadership

Our Leadership team has a wealth of experience in building synergies that last for a lifetime. At our core, we have been designing and delivering powerful solutions by nurturing talent and thinking far beyond what is possible.


What We Aspire

Our vision is to become a pioneer in providing value driven, high quality, process-oriented technology services and simplified business solutions for the Life Sciences & Pharmaceutical Industry.

Our Mission and Core Values

We at Techsol take pride in offering our distinguished technology services and flexible business solutions with a commitment to increase the operational excellence of our customers. We aim to leverage our domain and business expertise by forming strategic alliances with industry-leading technology providers and execute our consulting services with the below core values:

Customer Trust & Delight

To surpass our customer expectations consistently through incremental innovation and simplified business solutions

Agility With Diligence

To be proactive and flexible in offering high-quality customer choices with a risk-based approach and strong team collaboration

Integrity & Transparency

To be ethical, genuine and open across all activities within the enterprise and with our customer related business engagements

Pursuit of Excellence

To strive relentlessly to improvise the speed, quality and value of our service offerings, business solutions and delivery model

Our Quality Policy

Strive to Offer High Quality Solutions

We are committed to offer business solutions and deliver technology services with the highest quality that meets or exceeds the expectations of our customers through conformance to business requirements in a timely manner at a competitive cost.

Assure Regulatory Compliance

We assure quality by conforming to established regulatory compliance requirements and standards through our quality and risk management principles, continuous employee training and transparent business conduct.

Work As a Trusted Partner

We always aim to be a trusted partner  for our clients by offering innovative products and value-add services with various business model choices in a timely manner using our highly skilled scientific and technical domain experts.

Continuously Improve and Evolve

We seek to improve operational efficiency and organization productivity by fostering a quality mind-set; encouraging participation and promotion of quality responsibilities amongst all employees through standards, education, training, and effective communication.

Let Us Work Together