We at Techsol take pride in offering regulatory compliant cloud solutions to digitally transform clinical development, drug safety, and medical information management business processes in the pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device & healthcare industry. As a trusted technology solutions provider, we work relentlessly with our clients to understand their business challenges and resolve them with lean and risk-based congruent solutions to scale-up quality, speed, operational efficiency and regulatory compliance.

In our mission to make a meaningful impact on patient’s lives, we team up with biotech, pharma & healthcare providers to optimize science with technology and revolutionize how new medical treatments are discovered, developed and delivered to people around the world.


With our pharma industry domain expertise & strong technology experience, we have proven capabilities to:


Medical Affairs

Leverage MedInquirer to optimize your current medical information management process with our next-generation cloud-based MI solution.

Drug Safety

Our specialized AccelSafety Cloud platform is designed to augment your Pharmacovigilance business operations with the highest regulatory compliance.

Clinical Development

Boost your clinical data management and clinical trial management process with AccelClinical and AccelCTMS Cloud


Case Studies

  • Argus Safety Cloud Implementation and Validation on Oracle Cloud for GemVax & Kael