Medical Affairs

Medical Affairs

Leverage MedInquirer to optimize your current medical information management process with our next-generation cloud-based MI solution.

Drug Safety Software

Drug Safety

Our specialized AccelSafety Cloud platform is designed to augment your Pharmacovigilance business operations with the highest regulatory compliance.

Business Development

Clinical Development

Boost your clinical data management and clinical trial management process with AccelClinical and AccelCTMS Cloud

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Enhancing Medical Information Operations through Comprehensive Data Mining and Analytical Analysis Strategies to Improve Information Outreach, Harmonization of Messaging …..

Techsol Corporation Unveils ...

Techsol Corporation, a leading life sciences cloud technology services provider, announces the latest release of MedInquirer. As the industry’s most configurable medical information management system, ….


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During this webinar, the speakers will describe and demonstrate how emerging life science companies can take advantage of a market-leading safety solution – Argus Safety cloud….

Webinar - Global Medical Information System

Global Medical Information System

Techsol, a global leader in life sciences, will present a webinar that will examine key characteristics of a global medical information management system and the critical factors that drive…..

Case Studies

  • Argus Safety Cloud Implementation and Validation on Oracle Cloud for GemVax & Kael