Key Solution Benefits

MedInquirer Self-Service Portal enables the accurate digital display of medical information and related resources for all your commercial and pipeline products

Will be available 24×7 – 365 days as a user-friendly self-service medical information portal for different types of customers

With self-qualification, your customers can access the portal over mobile, tablets, laptops or desktops over a secure browser

The user interface can be configured as per your company’s branding guidelines with consistent look and feel

Customers can easily search and access product and scientific information like FAQs and approved documents

With MedInquirer Self-Service Portal, customers can quickly submit online Medical Inquiries, report  an Adverse Event or a Product Complaint

The intuitive user interface can display dynamic content such as  patient assistance videos, interactive self-help guides etc.

Keep your customers informed on new events and provide ready access to support contact information across global regions

With the LIVE Chat functionality, customers can interact with your agents to get medical information

Allows configuration of custom online Request forms (Eg: Product samples, sales rep info, etc.) and external links to other portals

Additional information on research grants, clinical trials, IITs, payers, insurance coverage, etc. can be easily setup

Get continuous feedback from your customers on patient experiences, product quality, service quality etc. through portal surveys

MedInquirer Self-Service Portal can be integrated with your medical information database to support fulfillment needs

Allows content to be fetched and displayed from Content Management Systems

Includes different reports for tracking page visits, inquiry submissions and content usage.

Advanced analytics provides insights on product performance, disease state, etc. based on customer interactions

Is your organization planning to provide online medical information to customers through an interactive digital channel? Or

Are you planning to replace your current static medical information website with a collaborative customer portal?

Do you want us to optimize your current HCP Engagement and Patient Support processes?

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